Jen Pinkston x Barton Springs

Jen Pinkston x Barton Springs
Jen Pinkston IS The Effortlessly Chic and then some. She is relatable and approachable and the gal everyone wants to be friends with. Her style comes naturally to her as before her lifestyle and blogging days she was a stylist in LA. From The Ellen Show to other big time celebs, she is a humble power house and we couldn't wait to connect with her. Lucky for us, her constant content every day for every style made her the perfect fit for our first Journal entry. 

1. We're such big fans of your style. How would you describe your aesthetic?

I should have a more succinct answer by now, but I don’t! My style is relaxed. I don’t gravitate towards things that are overly fussy or formal. I also always strive to create a calm environment. I view home as a haven in so many ways, so I like for it to feel like a respite from whatever is going on in life outside of our home. My decade spent in Southern California is definitely apparent in my style, too. I love mid-century pieces, ceramics, and layers of texture in a mostly cool, neutral palette. (Although our playroom is a diversion from that palette!) Anyone out there want to create a succinct answer out of all of that?!

2. Art is so personal, and searching for just the right pieces for your home can be daunting. What do you look for when shopping for artwork?

I really like unique pieces from artists whose work I admire. It’s so easy to fill your walls with prints and pieces from larger online marketplaces, but they really lack that emotional connection you feel when you look at a piece that has meaning and speaks directly to you. My husband buys me a new piece of art for Christmas each year so we are very slowly and deliberately building a little collection.

3. What's your go-to when you need a little creative inspiration? A favorite blog, magazine, or podcast? Or maybe a museum or shop?

So many places and some of them in the unlikeliest of places! Blogs: Manrepeller and Cup of Jo. They’re not exactly design blogs, but the authenticity is unmatched and sometimes it takes me out of my own head. Sarah Sherman Samuel’s work is always inspiring, as is her blog. I love Print magazines but we don’t have the newsstands here in Austin that I used to have access to in LA. When I was styling, I always started every new project at the Hollywood and Cahuenga newsstand. (Which might be permanently closed now?! Tragic!) I still find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest. You have to really let yourself fall down the rabbit hole as a lot of it can start to feel homogenous, but there are still some gems to discover there. Also, I like looking at runway collections online for color palettes, patterns, and silhouettes. Good product packaging gets me every time, too! When I’m traveling, a new art museum is gold!

4. What's the best piece of advice you've ever received when it comes to designing your space?

You do you! You can’t design for anyone else or to accommodate the rules that tell you to do something a certain way. You are the one that has to live with it and love it. If you’re having trouble knowing where to start, I like to choose one stand-out piece that I’m over the moon for and design everything else around it. In our playroom it was the rug that I found on a girls trip to Santa Fe while with my mom and sisters. In our bedroom it is the corner reading chair. In our master bathroom we started with the tile color and design.

5. Our own home is full of mementos from our travels—and our adventures around the world have inspired some of our favorite Print Shop pieces. What place that you've traveled to has inspired you the most?

I always feel most inspired when travelling and struggle to recreate that feeling back home! I love art as a way to do that! Iceland was super inspiring. It’s a huge country and we spent a lot of time in the car listening to music, talking, and staring out at this other-worldly landscape. Also, Mexico City for the colors and Luis Barragan homes.

6. If you were to get a round trip ticket to anywhere, where would it be?

Dying to go to Japan right now! Aaron has spent a couple days in Tokyo for work, but I really want to go and spend two weeks seeing the whole country!

7. What’s your best kept secret? A favorite blog that gives you endless ideas? An Etsy shop for the perfect Turkish rug?

Oh I wish I had one! Some of my favorite purchases have come from hours of scrolling Etsy or Chairish. Anything Australian always speaks to me, too, but not everyone will ship to the US!

8. Last but not least, you know we have to ask... what's your favorite print in the Max Wanger print shop?

This Barton Springs print! I grew up in Austin and have pictures of me as a toddler at Barton Springs and riding the Zilker Zephyr at nearby Zilker park. This photo feels like it encapsulates my past, present, and future, which naturally makes me heart so happy!